Have you ever felt that something is blocking you from moving forward, making you feel stuck in place with no idea on how to take the next step?

Are you having trouble actually materializing your dreams?

Are negative thoughts, feelings and repetitive patterns a barrier you just can’t get through?




My Soul Therapy Personal Coaching Sessions will allow you to do just that: gain valuable insights into what’s inside to experience wholeness, and to call back your spirit from a traumatizing event.
 With my knowledge and expertise guiding you through the entire process, you’ll be able to get in touch with your inner self in ways you could have never imagined.

Thanks to my breakthrough sessions, you’ll feel relieved, and you’ll regain control over your power and experience wholeness on a whole new level.

Join me on this journey to become freed up from the past and completely present to the beauty of your life as it is today.

You probably know: you need to finally break free and transform… But you don’t have the right tools to achieve clarity and move forward.

When your heart needs mending, it can leave you feeling fragmented and disconnected. 
Yet, buried deep inside you, there’s still a spark of life that prompts you to reconnect, release the past and finally fulfill your purpose.

Join me on this journey and free yourself from past experiences that are making you stuck: feel the beauty of your life on your skin and understand what’s standing in your way, so that you can change patch and find more clarity.

Together, we’ll make you shift your perspective and embrace new possibilities: Having me as your success coach doesn’t mean just having a mentor – it means acquiring a partner, someone who’s there for you through thick and thin, able to guide you through what you are facing, and helping you break through any barriers to enter into a space of change and opportunity.

With me guiding you through life, you’ll be able to gain full clarity and set yourself in motion to finally acquire an expression of your newfound sense of purpose.


All coaching sessions include a custom chakra blend and a chakra tea.

60 Minute Chakra Balancing Session

Step by step, we’ll gently touch every chakra level of yours to untie any knot: gain valuable insights about the actions you need to take to keep your energy open and flowing through a 40 days practice.
Step by step, you’ll gently get in touch with every chakra to explore what areas you are clear in and what areas are blocked instead: gain valuable insights into each level and achieve a clear perspective of what’s going on. Illuminate any blindspot and gain clarity so that you are inspired to take action. Every session will give you a 40-day practice to follow to keep the momentum we build together alive.

60 minute Face Reading

Allow me to look deep within your spirit, through what is considered the “window to your soul”: have your face read to gain a better understanding of the tidal movements in your heart, and together we’ll work out how to inspire you and set you into action.

60-minute Integrated Sessions

To experience something extraordinary, you have to go throughout the box experiences, 100% tailored around you to create something new in your life.
My method integrates the most advanced Spiritual Healing techniques to help you get unstuck and finally move ahead toward a better future so that you can express your Soul Energy.

160 minute – Shamanic Healing Session

Open the hidden portals within you that will allow you to sail on a shamanic journey of reconnection with your inner child and get in touch with the incomplete sides of yourself. 
Thanks to this sessions, you’ll connect with your spirit guides and access inner wisdom, so that you can bring yourself back to a state of wholeness and completion. 
Together, we’ll set your spirit free and tap into the divine feminine power that rests within you.

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